Virtual Tour

In Digital Scouting we carry out Interactive Tours with a surprising reality.

The proportions of your space will be totally real, unlike previous solutions.

We make a 3D module where you can see all the layout of your space, making it an essential tool for event organizers.

The compatibility with VR glasses makes it even more real.

Compatible with any device

Improve your online positioning, and with it your revenue.

Impress your clients with the 3D Module.

Our cameras with intelligent advanced sensors allow us to capture real measurements to offer a real three-dimensional projection that allows us to see the whole layout of the space. Divisible by floors.

2D Plan

A top view of the property floor is generated additionally to give a clear view of the layout of the space. Click anywhere on the map to enter the space from this position.

Guided tour throughout your space.

Glide effortlessly through the location, control where you move and where you look. Or press play and enjoy the tour created by our team.

Interactive Tags

Add relevant information to the tour with interactive tags. Insert content from YouTube, Vimeo, links to the web, menus, and whatever content you may need.

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